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Don't think we forgot about the rest of the family! Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, all are welcome. Our vision is to bring a vibrant family practice to the De Pere community and fill it with happy, healthy, and connected families! Healthy happy families create happy healthy communities. In addition to serving full families, we invite all walks of life to enhance their life and well being with us!

In case you are wondering...YES! We see adults too!

As adults, we tend to put ourselves last on the list. Everybody comes before us- our kids, our spouse, our friends and family, our job. When was the last time you put yourself first? There is no better time than now to incorporate family chiropractic into your and your loved ones life! Adults under our care often experience:

Improved energy levels

Better stress management

Decreased inflammation

Pain Relief

Increased mobility

Fewer headaches

Better immune + digestive function

Regulated hormone function

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