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Always Trust Your Mom Gut

This one is for the mama that knows something is not quite right.

We know your mind is racing.

We know you are up at 3am consulting with Google about what could possibly be wrong with your little.

We know you sometimes fear what the future looks like for your child.

We know that you have likely spoken with many doctors, been to lots of specialists, and been referred out to therapist after therapist.

We know that you're really sick of hearing "it's all in your head", "your child is fine", "we don't really know how to help you", or "they will grow out of it".

And we know you are not satisfied.

NOBODY knows your child like you do. No doctor, specialist, therapist, or counselor.

And there is not one single thing on this earth more powerful than your gut reaction.

When you KNOW that there is more to your child's story, when you KNOW you need more answers and when you KNOW there's got to be another way, do not let anybody tell you otherwise.

Trust your gut. It is never wrong.

We see you, mama ❤️

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