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Anxiety + ADHD + Mood Swings

"I knew since day one that something was wrong with him. I journaled about every food, every transition, every situation trying to find a pattern. We tried medication after medication. The doctors eventually just told me that the only option was Alexian brothers, a behavioral health facility. You guys were my last resort. We were lost. We felt isolated. We were desperate. And man am I glad we went for it- he's a completely different kid and we are forever grateful."

This was what mom had to say about her 11 year old after 6 months of chiropractic care. You see, Nolan wasn't always the smiling, happy kiddo you see here. He suffered from terrible anxiety, mood swings and ADHD for the majority of his young life. He was nervous for tests, quizzes, any transitions or changes in schedule. Even substitute teachers triggered his anxiety to escalate. He had a hard time focusing in class. He was just a sad, nervous boy all of the time. His anxiety was so bad last school year that he threw up every single morning before going to school. They cycled through different medication combinations trying to combat his anxiety as well as his ADHD. He was also placed on an anti-psychotic at one point to help with his mood swings. Mom just didn't want this for her son, and Nolan didn't either.

Since beginning care, Nolan has experienced incredible results! Talk about calming and connecting! He has come out of his shell and it's been amazing to see in the office! He loves his adjustments, he is constantly laughing and smiling. He is truly HAPPY. His mood swings have stabilized, he hasn't gotten sick before school this year at all, he reports feeling zero anxiety, and is able to focus in ways he hasn't been able to before. On top of all of this, Nolan has significantly decreased the medications he is on because his body can finally do the work on its own. Nolan couldn't be more excited for that!

What an honor it is to care for kiddos like this! To see them re-connect with their families, friends, and themselves is indescribable. We won't stop until this is the new normal!

One last thing- can we get a heck yes for that hair!!

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