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Failure to Thrive? Nah...

Happy + Healthy!

89 and lookin’ fine 😎

89th percentile, that is!

When this kiddo came to us at 7 weeks old, he was in the 0.03 percentile on the growth charts. He was boarder line “failure to thrive” and days from being hospitalized. He had colic, reflux, gas pains, was arched and stiff all the time, and cried constantly.

The thing about colic and reflux and a baby that screams all hours of the day is that it affects the entire home. His big sister couldn't get quality sleep at night because her baby brother screamed throughout the night. His mom and dad were exhausted and at a loss for how to help their sweet baby boy. They could hardly connect to their newborn, let alone connect to each other.

Within a couple of weeks of care, this kid was a different baby. In fact, after his very FIRST adjustment, mom called us in tears because her baby finally slept for a 4 hour stretch! Something he had never done before. Mom and dad have continued to bring him and his sister to us for wellness care- calling us at the first sign of a sniffle or a rough night of sleep!

And today, mom said “he just had his 2 year check up and his pediatrician told me he’s in the 89th percentile! Remember when he was at 0.03?!”

Crazy to look back at that rough start to life, but how amazing is it to think about how much has changed! We are blessed to be able to care for this kiddo and his family! 💕

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