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"I just wanted to feel normal."

This is Ethan's COMEBACK year!

In a world where academics, social pressures, friends, family, sports and extracurriculars put an incredible amount of stress on our kids to be more, do more, and give more- many just want to be able to feel “normal”.

The part that sucks? Many don’t. Many feel overwhelmed, like they aren’t enough, like they don’t fit in, like they are too different.

Those first few words here is what this amazing dude Ethan had to say when we asked him how he felt before they found us. He dreamt of just feeling normal.

Earlier this year, Ethan’s mom and dad walked in on the scariest thing a parent could ever see- their 13 year old son attempting to take his own life.

Stress, grades, expectations in sports and academics, friends, it all just became too much.

Ethan was rushed to the ER where they immediately pushed an outpatient facility and a medication for depression. Not that they were exactly against these options, they wanted them to be utilized as LAST RESORTS, rather than first. Ethan wanted desperately to not be on medication and said he, “didn’t want to change himself at all”.

Mom, dad and Ethan talked and with a lot of teamwork, decided they would be all in to getting their kid back. They changed diet, added supplements, saw a counselor. They were also advised to add chiropractic care to their plan of attack.

Well, Ethan just celebrated his 14th birthday and is THRIVING! He says he notices an immediate change after an adjustment and feels happy that he can come in here whenever he gets stressed out. It’s his reset button. His grades in school have gone way up, it helps him focus, he’s taller, he’s sleeping better, he’s not as sore in hockey, all of life is BETTER!

This is the COMEBACK YEAR for Ethan! he just turned 14 yesterday and he made the honor roll, was voted the assistant captain of his hockey team by his peers, and he’s the leading scorer on the team too! Pretty sweet!

Finally, Ethan feels normal. He can focus on his faves like fishing and hanging with his friends and hockey. He loves life again, and there’s nothing that’s really better than that! 🙌🏻

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