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Full families getting adjusted together makes our heart melt!

💕 F A M I L Y 💕

Every day our office is filled to the brim with full families that come hang with us once a week to STAY well!

This fam sees us together, all for different reasons. Mom is currently growing a baby and chasing twins at home! She stays well adjusted to help her handle mom stress + prevent the aches and pains that many accept as normal during pregnancy + prepare her body for the most optimal labor and delivery!

Dad gets adjusted because he’s a busy guy that doesn’t like having to slow down! He wants to be able to work + chase after his babies + date his wife + work out without pain and an elevated ability to adapt!

Those cutie pie twins get adjusted to ensure the most optimal growth and development as they get older! From the ages of 0-7, our bodies endure more change and reach more milestones than any other time in our lives. Mom and dad know how important it is that they move through these changes with balance and adaptability!

Although each family member comes in for something a little different, one common theme runs throughout: PREVENTION!

Our healthcare system tends to focus on reaction rather than prevention most often. But so many of our families get adjusted regularly as a part of their wellness routine because they understand the ability chiropractic has on preventing so many issues in the first place!

So fun to see our walls jam packed with wonderful families just like this one! And we can’t wait to care for the newest member of this fam once she is earth side!

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