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Sensory Overload

Expect Miracles.

“All of my friends literally call this little girl ‘the miracle child’ because they saw her before chiropractic and now they see her after”


When Annie first came to us, she was having meltdowns and crying fits constantly. The family couldn’t go anywhere. Everything from a basic grocery store trip to a train ride down to the city was absolutely impossible because she would scream on the top of her lungs for hours at a time. Any time there was overstimulation or frustration of any kind it would end in a meltdown. It was clear that Annie was not comfortable in her own body and couldn’t interact with the world around her.

Grandma didn’t know what to do to help Annie. She was at a loss. She had never heard of chiropractic helping kids with anything more than back pain, but she took a chance and showed up. It took Annie a little while to unravel and reconnect. She liked getting adjusted but wouldn’t even say hi to any of the doctors for a long time! After a few months of consistent, specific, neurological-based care, Annie’s family began to see glimpses of hope. The extreme highs and lows began to level out a bit- more good days than bad ones. Meltdowns became shorter, then disappeared.

Now the family goes out into public without a care in the world! Grocery shopping and errands are done with ease. In fact, after this picture was taken, grandma told us they were boarding a train down to the city and she knew she had nothing to worry about! ❤️

Expect miracles. They happen every day within these walls when kiddos are given the opportunity to connect, calm, and live life how they were intended!

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