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Stressed at School

She went from refusing to go to school to MISSING school on weekends!


49 is the number of days Nevaeh missed from school last year.

She would wake up in the morning and be so overwhelmed and anxious to go to school that it would often times result in tantrums, meltdowns, and calls to the school office that they would be late or not be there at all. Nevaeh would go through her day defiant, impulsive, and anxious. Anxious about change. Anxious about transitions. Anxious about any potential shift in schedule or routine. Bedtime would approach and that anxiousness would continue as she would be so nervous about having to get up and go to school again the next day.

On top of this tremendous amount of stress, Nevaeh was struggling with constipation and GI issues as well as constant immune issues requiring very frequent doctors visits. She also struggled with sleep because her brain just couldn't shut off at night.

This cycle continued until grandma couldn't take it anymore. Nevaeh was put in 2 partial hospital programs and then 1 in-patient program for school anxiety, generalized anxiety, and school refusal.

Regardless of these programs, trying medication after medication, and therapist after therapist, they listened to a friend and took her to a pediatric chiropractor.



5 is the number of weeks Nevaeh has gone without missing ONE day of school this year so far! School refusal and tantrums are a thing of the past. Changes in schedule and routine are easy for her. Immunity is rocking- they haven't been to a doctor since they started! Constipation isn't an issue, and neither is sleep. Nevaeh no longer has to be primed and prepared and reminded for hours upon hours on Sundays about school on Monday. This isn't to say that days don't come with a bit of frustration, but Nevaeh can now EXPRESS those frustrations and emotions! She's also forming friendships and connecting with her peers in a way she never has before!



1 more kiddo saved. 1 more life changed. 1 more family filled with joy. 1 more smile. Look at that smile?! The smiles are everything. ❤️

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